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Australian Photographers are you wanting a wow client wardrobe?

Are you wanting to offer your clients a client wardrobe with endless divine styles? But don't want to have to fork out the thousands of $$$ for different styles and sizes, as well as not forgetting the room to store such a selection.
Well this is where we at Everything Lace Hire can transform your business to the next level. We have a diverse range of styles and sizing that would suit everyone's needs and tastes and take your business to the next level. Plus how amazing that
Everyone's needs, wants and styles are different so complement them all and partner with us today.
There are two packages available so contact us to find out which package suits you best.
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 We look forward to working alongside you.


a group of mothers wearing lace dresses during a breastfeeding photoshoot
Belle Chapman Photography got published in a magazine during her breastfeeding mothers group were styled in our pieces.