Why hiring your wedding dress is best

Why hiring your wedding dress is best

Reasons why you should hire your wedding dress in Australia.

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Are you planning your wedding and wondering why you should hire a wedding dress for your special day? Then welcome to Everything Lace Hire where we have you covered as to why you should.

When it comes to planning your wedding day we all know that weddings dresses are not cheap and definitely come with those hefty big price tags, with most wedding dresses costing at least four figures. The average bride spends between $1500-$5000 on their wedding dress alone! Especially as you will literally only be wearing the dress once and for a limited amount of hours. Think be hiring your wedding dress the extra money you will have to put elsewhere or keep within your budget easier.

With elopements weddings becoming more and more popular, so are dress hirings. Why you ask? Because long gone are the days of spending an absolute fortune on items that will never be seen or touched again. Elopement weddings are intimate and romantic something out of a true fairytale where you are so wrapped up in each other you dont have to steer from that. No one needs those big fancy puffy wedding dresses when Everything Lace Hire has the perfect selection of wedding dresses that will have you feeling amazing at a fraction of the price keeping your budget low.

With the fashion industry being one of the biggest poulltants more and more people are turning to a sustainable way of fashion and looking at hiring their dresses rather than buying. 

Coven & Co Lovers lace wedding dress. Wedding dress hire Australia 

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At Everything Lace Hire we have a stunning collection of lace bohemian style wedding dresses that will be a perfect choice for those boho brides, elopement weddings, more intimate ceremonys and pregnant brides.

Everything Lace Hire's top tips for renting your wedding dress

  • Take your measurements so you have an idea on your sizing and what would fit you.
  • Read through the whole descriptions and measurements carefully.
  • Be a bit more flexible in what style you are wanting to go for.
  • If they offer a try-on service and you are loacted within access definietly book in and try a few different dresses on.

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Pros of hiring your wedding dress

  • The biggest pro with hiring your wedding dress is the cost factor. It will cost less than buying a dress because you’ll only have it for a few days or so before returning it. This gives you the freedom to wear a designer dress that would cost a lot to buy new.
  • Renting a wedding dress means that after your big day, all you have to do is take it off and give it back. You don’t have to worry about preserving or cleaning it, and it won’t take up space in your wardrobe.
  •  You can also organise a hired dress ahead of time, which lets you find the perfect wedding accessories to complete your perfect style.
  • You can hire multiple gowns to wear throughout the day if you are wanting different dress style for different highlights of your day such as ceremony, first dance and evening reception.
  • No one is going to know or judge you about hiring your wedding dress.
  • Hiring your wedding dress for your special day does not mean your less committed to your wedding, more so that you are able to spend the extra money in different areas.

Here are a few of my favourite dresses from our collection

Spell and the Gypsy Casablanca

Coven and Co Lovers Gown

Reclamation Songbirds Melody Gown

 Are you ready to browse our stunning wedding dress collection to hire and pick the dress of your dreams. Then head stright on over to our wedding dress section and choose your gown today. 

If you require any further help or would like to organise a try-on appointment at our studio contact us to arrange.



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