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Reasons why you should hire your maternity dress.

Are you pregnant and wondering why you should hire a maternity dress for your special occasion? Then welcome to Everything Lace Hire where we have you covered as to why you should.

At Everything Lace Hire we know how exciting showcasing your bump is, so that's why we have put together a stunning collection of bespoke boho and lace styled maternity dresses to help you feel amazing.

We all know that pregnancy is a time where our bodies are constantly growing to nurture our new bubbas, so whilst we live in oversized tops and sweatpants everyday, let Everything Lace Hire help you find your perfect ensemble to feel extra special for that memorable event.

Daphne Lace Maxi Dress. Lace Maternity Dress Australia Daphne Lace Maxi Dress

So mamas let's be real here, the maternity dress you choose for your maternity shoot, baby shower or wedding will be the highlight of accommodating your bump and showcasing the pictures for years to come. 

No one likes to spend money on items they will only wear once do they? That is exactly where Everything Lace Hire comes in. We have a stunning collection of bohemian maternity dresses ranging from lace, linen and cotton from only the best sourced brands such as Coven and Co, Zale the Label and Spell at such affordable prices that will have you feeling extra special and guess what not at the hefty price tag of buying it

So are you on the hunt to hire a maternity dress for an upcoming maternity photoshoot, baby shower, gender reveal or a wedding? Then here are some great reasons as to why you should hire your maternity dress rather than buy it.

  • You can choose the perfect maternity dress without feeling the guilt. Now we all love a little bit of retail therapy but know we will not be wearing it again after pregnancy which means it will just hang in your wardrobe and never see the light of day again.
  • A large selection of sizes available ranging from XS (petite) to XL (plus size), so we are able to cater for every pregnant mumma and her growing bump. So why sometimes maternity photographers offer a small client wardrobe of maternity dresses there is not always the selection of sizes available.
  • You would not only be saving money but you will also not be justifying to yourself the expensive maternity dress you just purchased for an hour or two of wear. Those gorgeous lace maternity dresses we see in all the pictures come with an expensive price tag.
  • You will not be contributing to the second largest polluting industry in the world. Hiring the dress limits the exposure of more clothing ending up in our landfills and taking years to break down. Who is already guilty of only wearing something once and getting rid of it. I know many of us are so if we can reduce this it's awesome.
  • No extra expenditures as all dry cleaning, repairs and maintenance of our maternity dresses are carried out by us. It really couldn't be an easier - select the perfect maternity dress, wear it and send it back hassle free.
  • If you are located near our studio in Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula you are able to visit for a try-on appointment. Were you are able to browse and try-on our stunning collection to find the perfect maternity dress for you. 
  • We ship Australia wide so you can have your dress to you either next day or within a matter of days. 

Coven & Co Pirate Maxi Gown. Maternity Dress Hire Australia Coven & Co Pirate Maxi Gown

Photographer: Captured by Sj

So what are you waiting for hire your maternity dress today at Everything Lace Hire.

If you have any questions regarding any of our dresses do not hesitate to contact me where I will be happy to help with any questions or help you require.






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