7 Unforgettable Tips to Make Your Maternity Photoshoot a Dream Come True

7 Unforgettable Tips to Make Your Maternity Photoshoot a Dream Come True

Congratulations on the most magical and precious moment you are going to experience ever!

So you have either just found out your pregnant or already sailing through your pregnancy journey and are now ready to capture this love filling stage and book your maternity photoshoot to cherish the memories forever with your children and partner.
Do not let booking your maternity photoshoot become stressful I am here to help you plan the maternity photoshoot of your dreams.

You deserve to appreciate the magic of this moment and capture the beauty of your pregnancy. Maternity photoshoots create lasting memories and let you bond with and celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby.
Mona Maxi Mesh Dress
To make things easier
I have created 7 steps to make booking your maternity photoshoot a delightful experience.


1. Choose a photographer: Look for a photographer who specializes in maternity photography and whose style aligns with your vision
2. Determine the location: Decide if you want to take photos in a studio or outside, and choose a location that fits your style and preferences
3. Choose your outfits: Select A dress, robe or two-piece set that you love and accentuates your baby bump. Maybe think about bringing a few styles if your wanting some different options. Of course Everything Lace Hire, have got you covered with maternity dresses of your dreams, that will photograph beautifully and make you feel radiant.
4. Are you wanting to include some sentimental pieces?  Think about incorporating props such as ultrasound pictures, baby shoes, a washing line with baby clothes hanging or other meaningful items to add a personal touch to your photos especially if your wanting to make your maternity photoshoot a baby announcement too.
5. Think about your hair and makeup: Are you wanting to do your own hair and make-up or hire a hair and make-up stylist.
6. Optimal Timing for Stunning Maternity Photos: Have your maternity photoshoot booked during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy as your bump is more rounded.
7. Relax and enjoy the experience: The more comfortable and natural you feel, the better your photos will turn out.
 1. Choose a photographer 
Find the Perfect Maternity Photographer to Preserve Your Special Moment.
Look for a photographer that specialises in maternity photography and love the style of their work this is important because you want to cherish these moments forever. By hiring a maternity photographer that aligns with you they will be able to capture the love and excitement of your pregnancy journey with passion. 
Capturing photos that you want to display and love as your little one grows.
 2. Choose Your Location
Choosing the perfect location for your maternity photos is important as it creates the backdrop of your photos. Do not choose a location that you hate for example the beach if you hate the sand and the water it will reflect in you mood and personality. Not sure of where your wanting to go talk to your photographer for some recommendations and go have a look.
3. What To Wear
Choosing what to wear for your maternity photoshoot is important because plays a major role in the overall look and feel of your photos. By choosing the perfect piece it will accentuate your baby bump and create that pregnancy glow in your photos.
When choosing your maternity photoshoot dress or style thinking about the location of your photoshoot is also important.
At Everything Lace Hire, we have a large collection of beautiful and eye-catching dresses, robes and two-pieces that photograph beautifully and help to elevate your photos. 
Plus its hassle free- choose your dress, have it delivered, feel amazing for your photoshoot, and drop it back off.  At Everything Lace Hire we are all about making it as effortless for you.
White Lace Maternity dress for photoshoots, baby showers and gender reveals
Daphne Gown
4. Are You Wanting to add any additional keepsakes or accessories to your photos
Think of items that could personalise your maternity photoshoot. They can help tell a story or reveal an announcement. Think about incorporating pieces such as ultrasound pictures, baby shoes, a washing line with baby clothes hanging, flowers or other meaningful items to add a personal touch to your photos especially if your wanting to make your maternity photoshoot a baby announcement too.
By adding a hat or flower crown to your outfit can create two beautiful eye-catching styles.
5. Hair and makeup

Having your hair and make-up done for your maternity photoshoot can help you feel more confident when standing in front of the camera. But whether or not you decide to have your hair and make-up done depends on your personal preferences and budget.   

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6. When is the best time for your photoshoot

The best time to book your maternity photoshoot is between 32-36 weeks of your pregnancy.

This is when your bump is prominently showing and is nice and round without dropping but you are also still comfortable enough to move.  Another factor to consider is the location, time of day and temperature. Outside in the hot midday summer heat may not be very comfortable 8 months along.

7. Most importantly have fun and create memories that you will cherish forever

Some advice for me would be

Wearing a dress, robe or two piece set from us at Everything Lace Hire that is going to have you looking amazing, radiant comfortable and confident. 

Select a location that holds sentimental value to both you and your significant other or that exudes breathtaking beauty.

Most of all do not be afraid to show off your growing baby bump and embrace your changing body.  Laugh, have fun, and enjoy the moment with your partner or loved ones.

All dresses and robes are available to hire with Everything Lace Hire.

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