5 Stunning Maternity Photoshoot Poses to Style Your Maternity Photoshoot Dress

5 Stunning Maternity Photoshoot Poses to Style Your Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Congratulations, mum to be. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with countless special moments. One of the best ways to capture and treasure these moments forever is through a maternity photoshoot along with that choosing the perfect maternity dress to complement it.

Featured Image - Chiffon Maternity Photoshoot Drape captured by Jade Lewis Photography.

Maternity Photoshoot Posing Styles

While the thought of posing in front of a camera might feel a bit overwhelming, this blog post is here to guide you through some of the most popular and favorite maternity poses. Which will leave you feeling excited for your maternity photoshoot. In this blog, I will have you feeling comfortable in how to strike the perfect maternity pose for stunning photos.

The profile pose is a timeless and elegant choice for maternity photography, as it beautifully showcases your baby bump. Stand sideways to the camera with your belly protruding and place your hands gently on the belly, forming a heart shape or cradling it. This pose emphasizes the bond between mother and baby, capturing the purest form of love. This look can be achieved comfortably with either a maternity photoshoot dress or robe.

Audrey Tulle Robe in Beige captured by Emily Rose Photographer. 

Athena Sparkly Beaded Maternity Robe captured by Ashleigh Sheehan Photography.

Wonderful Moments Two Maternity Photoshoot Set captured by Martina Innocent Photography.

Sitting poses can establish a serene ambiance in maternity photos. Locate a cozy chair or stool and sit sideways to highlight your belly. Either cross your legs or rest your hands on the belly, following the guidance of your photographer for varied perspectives. This pose showcases the elegant curves of pregnancy. Experiment with different angles and lighting to capture the beauty of your pregnancy in a unique way.

Audrey Tulle Robe in Beige captured by Emily Rose Photographer.

Boho Shed Ruffle Kimono

Embrace the beauty of life with a lively dance pose! Dancing is a wonderful way to show your enthusiasm for the upcoming arrival, while also bringing movement and energy to your photos. Move freely, sway gently, or twirl elegantly in your pregnancy gown as your photographer freezes your joyful spirit in time.

Daphne Lace Maternity Photoshoot Dress captured by Jennifer Claire Photography.

Empress Sparkly Two Piece Maternity Photoshoot Set captured by Jennifer Claire Photography.

Intimate Connection
Include your partner or other children in your maternity photoshoot to showcase the love and bond within your growing family through out your pregnancy. Embrace your loved one, gently resting your hands on each other's bellies, or capture a sweet moment with a forehead or belly kiss. These intimate poses symbolise the deep connection and love shared by all family members, strengthening the bond for when they arrive.

Spell Canyon Moon Duster captured by Jennifer Claire Photography.

We Are Reclamation Blessed Dress captured by Steph Griffiths Photography.

Take your maternity photoshoot outdoors and let nature serve as the picturesque backdrop. Capture the beauty of nature enveloping your blossoming belly. Stand amongst tall trees, stroll along a picturesque path, or embrace water elements like a lake or beach. These scenic poses combine the ethereal beauty of pregnancy with the wonders of the natural world.

We Are Reclamation Blessed Photoshoot Dress captured by Hannah Briggs Photography.

We Are Reclamation Ruffle Me Open Maternity Photoshoot Dress in Ivory captured by Photography By Ines.

white flowy maternity dress perfect for maternity photoshoots, baby showers and family photos.

Pirate Queen Maternity Photoshoot Dress captured by Captured by SJ.

Remember, during your maternity photoshoot, it is important to relax, be yourself, and trust your photographer after all you did book with them because you love what they do. Maternity poses have evolved over time to embrace the diversity of expectant mothers along with their own journeys and how you want to showcase your pregnancy. Explore different poses, share your own ideas and visions, and create a personalised collection of photos to cherish ponce baby is born.

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Love, Chloe x

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